Integrating with SIA Partner Solutions

  • Are there any SIA products that have accessible APIs that I can use over DXL?

    Even if it's just for subscribing to some kind of public DXL events, our team is looking to see what kind of functionality is available beyond just McAfee's products.

  • Tychon has a lot of APIs that can be accessed via DXL, the ePO remoting service and our server side micro services on ePO. Through DXL we can give you access to:

    1. Executing Power Shell Scripts across your enterprise and seeing real-time results from those scripts.

    2. Running WMI Queries against windows systems.

    3. Querying the file system and looking into our historical journal to include MD5, SHA1, SHA256 and Fuzzy Hashes.

  • That sounds perfect, is there a public resource that lists the available DXL APIs that Tychon provides?

    EDIT: I tried to find the Tychon solution but was having trouble... is it listed on this site?