Bridging standalone OpenDXL broker with dxl epo broker?

  • I have created an OpenDXL broker on Ubuntu. At the same time, i have a broker in my epo dxl fabric. Is it possible to establish data exchange between this two brokers, and if yes, then how?

  • Hi-

    That is a great question. To connect the two fabrics, a bridge must be created that connects to both fabrics. This can be done with any of the clients (Python, etc.) or Node-RED.

    Let me know if you would like an example, and I will put one together.



  • Thank you, Chris! I tried going through tutorial here…roker/wiki/Bridging-Guide , and guides about deploying incoming and outgoing bridges in McAfee Data Exchange Layer 4.1.0 Product Guide. They both tell how to bridge brokers of same kind: either 2 Opedxl brokers or 2 epo dxl brokers.

    But no docs are explaining bridging between brokers of different kinds.

    So i would be very thankful, if you showed me the way of bridging these two brokers.



  • Here is a quick example using Node-RED.

    In the example it shows where the different nodes are configured to connect to two separate fabrics (fabric1 and fabric2). Each of the blocks in the flow shows how to forward events and services between the two fabrics.

    The code for the Node-RED flow is as follows:

    If you would like, I could put together a Python example as well.