Getting Started With OpenDXL Video Series

The "Getting Started with OpenDXL" video series walks through the steps to install and configure an OpenDXL environment.

The video series is broken into three distinct sections. Select the appropriate video for Part 2 based on the type of DXL fabric being used (ePO-managed or OpenDXL Broker).

  • Part 1: Deploying the OpenDXL Environment:
    Walks through the steps necessary to install Docker, Kitematic, and the OpenDXL Environment.
  • Part 2: Installing the OpenDXL Console:
    This section is divided into two sections based on the type of fabric being used.
    • Part 2 (for OpenDXL Broker): Deploying OpenDXL Broker
      For OpenDXL Broker fabrics, walks through installing the OpenDXL Broker and associated OpenDXL Console.
  • Part 3: Deploying an OpenDXL Solution:
    Walks through the steps to deploy and utilize an OpenDXL solution.

Part 1: Deploying the OpenDXL Environment:

Part 2: Deploying OpenDXL Broker (for OpenDXL Broker fabrics):

Part 2: Deploying the OpenDXL Console (for ePO-managed fabrics):

Part 3: Deploying an OpenDXL Solution: