Change IPE log file settings to debug mode, DXL Broker on WINDOWS NOT LINUX

  • Hi Folks,

    Would like to seek your help.

    I install DXL broker in the Windows Server OS, same machine as ePO

    For DXLBroker log config, we able to set to debug level

    But for IPE log config, i can open the file (C:\Program Files\McAfee\dxlbroker\ipe\conf), but when i after i made changes in the "log4j.rootLogger=info,file" , INFO to debug , i cant save it , it was prompt access denied on the Windows system, eventhough i already login as Administrator .

    Seems like something protecting that IPE Folders and file

    Already try to stop the DXL service, and IPE services from services.msc, then try to edit and save the, result still the same, access denied

    While there is no windows prevention/hardening on the ePO server

    Anybody have experience on change this value from INFO to DEBUG on the file? and success to save the file


    #File appender







    Really appreciate for your help


  • Hi,

    opendxl does not have a broker on Windows platform. There is also no IPE.

    So, this question applies only to McAfee specific proprietary DXL broker. The bug is fixed in the latest version of the broker.