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    Is there a range of error codes for ErrorResponse construction that are available for end-user (service) use? Is there a catalog of reserved error codes and their meanings? E.g., I think 0x80000001 is used in DXL for "service not found" and thus wouldn't be suitable for a normal service to generate.

    Thanks, Viji. While I could redesign the services' interactions as you suggest, I'd prefer to keep the "worker clients" unaware of each other, and the event producer unaware of the workers.

    In the short term, an async_request with a NOOP ResponseCallback handler does what I need.

    I'm getting started with an OpenDXL service to convey a "fire-and-forget" message, which message needs to be acted upon by just one of N redundant clients.

    What's a good approach for this? Events will go to all N clients, who aren't aware of each others' existence and don't have a concept of an elected leader or active master. Should I have a request/response message, but set the timeout to immediate and ignore timeouts?