Partner McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange (Latest)

McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange (TIE) shares local threat reputations to close the gap from encounter to containment

McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange shares and exchanges emerging threat data instantly, operationalizing intelligence sharing and encouraging rapid response across your endpoint, gateway, network, and data center security solutions in real time. Making the most of locally generated intelligence and McAfee Global Threat Intelligence, it continually assesses evolving reputations. As reputations change, updates are distributed over the Data Exchange Layer immediately, allowing security solutions from any vendor to operate as one, exchanging and acting on shared intelligence.

As the first service over the Data Exchange Layer, TIE has the most extensive integration ecosystem. Many McAfee and industry products consume updated reputations and then take action, or send TIE changes to reputations, for example when a sandbox convicts a file, or a SIEM uses a TIE reputation to score an IOC.

An OpenDXL TIE Python client is available for accessing McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange information via DXL.

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