Partner Avecto Defendpoint ePO Edition 4.5

Commercial Solution

Avecto Defendpoint Reporting in ePO provides rich, actionable reporting enhanced with McAfee Threat Intelligence data.

Avecto is a global leader in Privilege Elevation and Delegation Management.

Avecto’s Defendpoint software allows global organizations to eliminate admin rights across the entire business including Windows and Mac desktops and the data center. The technology has been deployed in the most highly regulated industries, enabling organizations to achieve compliance, gain operational efficiency and stop internal and external attacks.

The Defendpoint integration with McAfee ePO and TIE/DXL and Avecto's mature implementation approach makes least privilege an operational reality without disrupting productivity.

Customers continue to gain understanding of security threats by connecting, sharing data, and orchestrating security tasks across applications in real-time.

  • Defendpoint leverages the DXL communication fabric to connect with McAfee TIE and determine application reputation
  • TIE reputation makes Defendpoint’s reporting dynamic and actionable, driving quick, risk-based policy adjustments

Future plans include publishing events related to endpoint privileged access management.

  • Version 4.5