Bootstrap '' does not produce .whl package

  • I am trying to create a distribution package for my client, which I built from the files generated by OpenDXL Bootstrap. I am using a clean test system with Python 2.7.11 and pip installed.

    When I run > python to create the distribution package, it only produces the .zip and .egg files under the dist/lib folder. The .whl is not present, despite no errors or warnings in the output from running the distribution script (see attached log file).

    Why am I failing to produce the .whl package, and how can I fix it?

  • When running the distribution script generated by OpenDXL Bootstrap, the Python Wheel library is required for the script to be able to create a .whl package. You can check if you have the Wheel library installed by entering > pip show wheel .

    If wheel is already installed, you will see an output similar to this:

    1. c:\Test>pip show wheel
    2. Name: wheel
    3. Version: 0.30.0
    4. Summary: A built-package format for Python.
    5. Home-page:
    6. Author: Alex GrA¶nholm
    7. Author-email:
    8. License: MIT
    9. Location: c:\python27\lib\site-packages
    10. Requires:

    If wheel is not installed, you will see a blank response:

    1. c:\Test>pip show wheel
    2. c:\Test>

    To install the Wheel library, simply use > pip install wheel from the command line.