how can I send a mock event to see what is received by ePO

  • Hi, new to coding....wanted to use a dxl client to send an event to ePO with device name and iP and maybe event payload message to see what gets seen on epo side. how can I do that ? Also, how do I determine what events types are accepted or can I just make up my own ? I notice a lot of them use a path like /somepath/somepath/eventype ?


  • Hi-

    There are a couple of ways to send an event.

    You could send an event via an OpenDXL Client (Python, etc.). For example:

    Another way without any coding required would be to use the OpenDXL Console. The following series of videos walks through the steps to configure an OpenDXL environment, including the OpenDXL Console.

    Getting Started With OpenDXL Video Series

    DXL allows you to create your own topics. Some topics that are registered by products require authorization. You mention wanting to see the event in ePO. What is the use case you are trying to achieve by sending the event?

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  • I would to see if I can send ePO a message or PC name and IP and see if it can trigger an event like a system scan.

    At this time, the best way to interact with ePO with an OpenDXL client is via the ePO DXL Service.

    To simplify the deployment of this service, a Docker container is available that can be quickly instantiated with Kitematic (see the Getting Started With OpenDXL Video Series) .

    Once installed and configured (see Service Configuration) you can use the OpenDXL Console to send requests to the service and ultimately to ePO via DXL.

    Please let us know if you need any further help configuring the service, using the OpenDXL Console, or sending requests to ePO.