Could OpenDXL be used to block documents/content from being transferred in messaging tools?

  • Hi, I have a client who asked if any of the messaging tools (Jabber, Lync/Skype for Business, etc) could have automated checks added so that inappropriate/classified content cannot be transferred in a chat session. I guess that there are two points where checks can be run: first when the document is first being imported into the messaging tool, and second when the document is about to exported.

    Is this the kind of thing that DXL can help with?



  • When it comes to determining the danger posed by external files, there are a number of reputation providers that have OpenDXL solutions available for community use (many of which can be found under the Threat Detection category.

    As far as hooking up those solutions to tools like Jabber or Lync, an intermediary tool or service hook would need to be created that made use of the above Threat Detection solutions. We encourage community members like yourself with unique requirements to experiment, and feel free to use existing solutions to create new ones that address needs such as these!