Allowing QoS level other than zero

  • Has there been any discussion re-enabling the other QoS levels other than zero on the opensource broker?

    Along those lines has there been consideration to perhaps push the QoS level set on messages sent from the DXL client higher so that users that do want to recompile the broker code to enable QoS levels can override methods to utilize the other QoS levels? Currently QoS is hardcoded as 0 in private methods in the Java library.

  • Hi-

    Yes, there have been conversations, and it is currently in our backlog of items to address in a future release. Our goal is to provide higher QoS levels without introducing a significant drop in performance. With that said, we may consider an intermediate branch release (for early testing) that provides the capability with the caveat of a documented performance drop on non QoS-0 messages.