DXL Command to transfer systems to different ePO server

  • Hello,

    I am looking to submit a request to a topic via dxl command. The command is system/transfer. I am trying to submit a list of names to be transferred from our production ePO to our test ePO server.

    I have created an authorization and topic (custom topic) /mcafee/service/epo/command/{acb28a79-716f-4e9a-a8e6-7e37f8f0da91}/remote/system/transfer

    I have the command parameters to enter as its in the description of the command:





    Basically I am trying to use DXL command to transfer pcxyz to the server testepo. I enabled custom mappings unsure of how to do this and entered the command parameters, but not sure how to enter the payload jsonpath.

    I reviewed the product guide, but it doesn't seem to give me a full step by step example of how to do this.

  • Here is the documentation for the system transfer command:

    Code: System Transfer Remote Command
    1. system.transfer names epoServer
    2. Transfers systems to a different McAfee ePO server
    3. Requires System Tree edit permission
    4. Parameters: [names (param 1) | ids] - Supply the "names" with a comma-separated list of
    5. names/IP addresses or a comma-separated list of "IDs" to which assign the
    6. policy. epoServer (param 2) - Registered server name.

    Can you provide a sample of the source code you are using and the responses you are receiving?

    Thanks a lot,


  • In the meantime, here is a sample showing the correct way to use the Python version of the OpenDXL ePO Client Library:

    This sample should display output similar to the following in the console:

    1. [
    2. {
    3. "id": "1108",
    4. "message": "System transferred successfully",
    6. "status": 0
    7. }
    8. ]