OpenDXL and streaming solutions integration.

  • Hi,

    I have been exploring the options to integrate streaming solutions like Kafka with OpenDXL.

    Currently I have checked the following solutions provided:

    1. OpenDXL Databus Java client library -

    This is basically a wrapper around Kafka client libs and seems to reduce the number of lines it takes to subscribe, consume & produce from Kafka.

    As the overview mentions :


    The OpenDXL Databus Java client library is used to consume and produce records from/to a Data Exchange Layer (DXL) Streaming Service.

    Did not see any OpenDXL service or topic integration at any point!

    So can someone point out what is the DXL Streaming Service in this case?

    2. OpenDXL Streaming Java client library -

    In this example also there is no OpenDXL integration visible. The services are hosted on a isolated webserver which seem to be the service simulating an in-memory message queue.

    So I have the following queries :

    1. Why are these two examples hosted under the "OpenDXL" umbrella, when they are not interacting with OpenDXL?

    2. How will they help in creating a solution which integrates a streaming service with OpenDXL?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Hello,

    Thanks for your queries.

    As you found, currently there are no public OpenDXL Streaming services available externally. Having said that, you can use the OpenDXL Databus Java Client to publish and consume to/from any standard kafka cluster, and use the built-in multi-tenancy or push-consumers as additional capabilities.

    On the OpenDXL Streaming client, in its designed to interact with solutions like McAfee MVISION EDR, which allow EDR customers to query data from the EDR streaming backend - subject to respective product licensing requirements.

    Hope this clear your doubts.