Sticky: Submitting Community-Made Tutorials

  • Tutorials present the opportunity for OpenDXL users and integrators to provide guidance and drive best practices for community projects. The Tutorials forum section is used to provide a single location for community-written Tutorials, and is open to submissions from all registered users. To submit a new Tutorial, simply go to the Tutorials Forum, create a new thread, and input the tutorial as the first post in the thread.

    Here is a simple list of requirements for submitted tutorials:

    Writing Style

    • An introductory description of the Tutorial in the beginning of the documentation, including what the tutorial is intended to guide the reader through accomplishing or understanding
    • Correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation
    • Clear and concise information for each step in the tutorial

    Dependencies & Prerequisite Knowledge

    • Description of any environment prerequisites or other dependencies, and links to where the reader can find them
    • Description of any prior knowledge that is recommended before starting the tutorial, and where the reader can get started finding that information if needed


    • Images should be clear and legible (no obvious scaling issues or other quality loss)

    Once a tutorial has been submitted and approved, it is made public for the OpenDXL community in the Tutorials section section of the forum.