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    I have a question about the subscribe method.

    I am building a sample that receives events and the add_event_callback method has the option of subscribing to the topic. So why would I ever need to use subscribe?

    The subscribe method has the following code as an example

    1. dxl_client.add_event_callback("/testeventtopic", MyEventCallback(), False)
    2. dxl_client.subscribe("/testeventtopic")

    The text says "By default when registering an event callback the client will automatically subscribe to the topic. In this example the dxlclient.client.DxlClient.add_event_callback() method is invoked with the subscribe_to_topic parameter set to False preventing the automatic subscription."

    If the add event callback does this why do I need subscribe?

    Ok, got it, thanks. A couple additional questions:

    Are there plans to integrate the service conversation model into the client?

    It looks like the service is still selected round robin. Is there a way to select the service to call? For example I may have multiple versions of a product on the fabric. Is it possible to select the one to use?


    Ok, thanks, I think I understand.

    One related question. Is it possible to support multiple instances of a session based service? It sounds like they round robin without having zones. Can I use zones to prevent clients from calling to another instance on the fabric? Or is there another way to create a conversation-based client with a service?

    I have been reading through the getting started guide and I think I understand how the two message models work.

    However, I had a quick question about the services. It sounds like topics are mapped to a service. Topics define the "methods" that are exposed by the service. So, my question is, what happens if I start two instances of the same service? When someone sends a message, does it go to both services and then get two responses? Does the last service started win, making the other service non-functional?