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    I'm trying to make sure I understand how topic authorization works in a Multi-ePO environment.

    We are using certificate-based topic authorization, based on these instructions: OpenDXL Python SDK - Authorization Overview

    Assuming we correctly set up and configure the authorization for a topic, will those "rules" apply across the entire larger Multi-ePO DXL fabric? Or will it be limited just to the fabric/brokers managed by the specific ePO Server on which the configuration was created?

    Our production environment uses multiple ePO servers, each of which has their own DXL fabric. We have created bridges between brokers on these fabrics to create one larger "multi-ePO" fabric.

    If I have a OpenDXL Python Client with a cert created and imported into ePO (using the "Provisioning" steps in the OpenDXL Python SDK Documentation), will I be able to connect my client to any of the bridged fabrics in our environment? Or just the individual fabric managed by the ePO with the client cert in question?

    Looking at the documentation, videos, and code samples it appears that the expected use case for OpenDXL is to send messages that will only be received by DXL clients that are online at the time the message is published. One of the use cases our company is trying to implement is a notification system that alerts clients of a status change, which would notify currently-online clients and then provide a mechanism for currently-offline clients to receive the update information the next time they are connected.

    Is there a built-in message persistence feature for DXL that accomplishes this?