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    Looking at some of the solutions, I'm seeing a new tab on the solution's page called "API Specification" that shows some sort of list of the events/services related to the broker?

    Currently, it looks like it's only on the OpenDXL Broker and the VirusTotal DXL Service solutions.

    This seems like a great option to have - we've had a decent amount of difficulty planning out what solutions to use on our fabric without testing each one individually.

    Our team has a couple of questions, though:

    • Are there plans to create these API specifications for more solutions?
    • Can we expect to see some of the commercial solutions providing this information?
    • Are these specification documents also going to be provided in some kind of standardized format that we can consume?

    Are there any SIA products that have accessible APIs that I can use over DXL?

    Even if it's just for subscribing to some kind of public DXL events, our team is looking to see what kind of functionality is available beyond just McAfee's products.

    Our environment has large number of connected DXL clients (~ 60,000) spread across five DXL brokers, and I want to be sure that we are preemptively handling any performance concerns. To that end, my team would like to know:

    Is it more efficient to leave an OpenDXL client connected to a broker for the entire runtime of a long-running application, or if it is better to only connect when we want to send a message, and then immediately disconnect?