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    I have a Python OpenDXL application that listens for TIE reputation change events. Once a reputation change event is received, I want to make a call to VirusTotal to get information about the file whose reputation has changed. My application currently uses the TIE Client Library as well as the VirusTotal Client Library (and its associated service).

    However, I receive the following error message when a reputation change event is received and I attempt to invoke the VirusTotal service:

    DxlException: Synchronous requests may not be invoked while handling an incoming message. The synchronous request must be made on a different thread.

    Here's the code for my callback:

    Any ideas why this might be happening?

    Greatly appreciate any help,


    Thanks for response. It turns out I imported the client certificate, but neglected to import my CA certificate.

    I have found the OpenDXL Python Client fairly simple to use, but the certificate management is a little cumbersome. Are there plans to simplify the process to provision OpenDXL clients?

    Hi all-

    I am attempting to test my application in a new ePO environment and am unable to connect to the broker.

    The OpenDXL Python Client keeps displaying the following error message:

    2017-06-29 10:43:18,717 dxlclient.client - ERROR - Failed to connect to broker {Unique id: {xxxxx}, Host name: xxxxx, IP address: xxxxx, Port: 8883}

    Any thoughts on what might be wrong?


    I am attempting to write an application using the OpenDXL Python Client.

    I would like to send an event that is targeted at a set of endpoints. To accomplish this, it looks like the client_ids property of the event message should be set. I have done this in my code, but I don't have a good way to test this.

    To run my test, I would like to know what the identifiers for each client that is connecting to the fabric. How can I determine what that client identifier is for an instance of the OpenDXL Python Client that is connected to the fabric?