Partner Syncurity IR-Flow DXL Integration Set 1.0.4

Commercial Solution

Syncurity IR-Flow SOAR platform DXL integration set

Syncurity's DXL integration set provides access in IR-Flow to access McAfee ePO, McAfee Active Response and McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange via openDXL. Capabilities include:

  • TIE: Create, check and update file reputation status
  • MAR: Perform searches of file activity
  • ePO: Tag/Clear Tags, get agent details, set agent health status

v2, in progress will ship the IR-Flow REST API as a DXL Service.

Syncurity™ delivers an agile security orchestration, automation & response platform that reduces cyber risk. We make security operations centers (SOCs) more efficient and effective using tightly integrated alert and incident response workflows. The Syncurity IR-Flow solution is built by analysts for analysts to deploy within hours, and calibrate easily to the differences of every customer environment. IR-Flow uniquely incorporates humans into decision-making, and generates a detailed, immutable security “System of Record” that enables reporting and dashboards for process improvement, audit, and compliance demonstration.