Node-RED Flow: Tag ePO System when ISE Policy Applied 1.0.0

Ensures that systems within McAfee ePO are tagged to indicate what policies are currently applied within Cisco ISE Adaptive Network Control (ANC)



Configure the Configure: ISE Policy to ePO Tag Mapping node. This node contains a mapping that maps between the ISE policy name and the corresponding tag name within ePO (see below).

JavaScript: ISE Policy to ePO Tag Mapping
  1. {
  2. "shut_down_policy": "ISE_shut_down_policy",
  3. "port_bounce_policy": "ISE_port_bounce_policy",
  4. "quarantine_policy": "ISE_quarantine_policy"
  5. }

This mapping should be updated to reflect your Cisco ISE ANC policy names and corresponding tag names within ePO. Each of the ePO tag names must be created within ePO (they are not automatically created).

The Node-RED flow content for this solution: