McAfee ePO + CheckPoint - Integration

  • Hi Guys,

    We have a CheckPoint Firewall with Anti-Bot and Threat Emulation blades.

    We want integrate the Checkpoint with McAfee ePo to prevent Zero-Days Threats, like McAfee describe here:…/sb-checkpoint-mcafee.pdf

    I followed this SK from Checkpoint to Install the LEA/DXL Connector for McAfee ePO Integration.

    This part is ok, the connector is running, the log are create on Event Viewer.

    The OPEC/LEA are connected to ePO Server and the Extension CheckPoint is installed on ePO Application.

    I installed the Data Exchange Layer product.

    First, Installed the DXL Broker 6.0 on the ePO Server, after Deployed the DXL Client on Agents.

    The environment from DXL is OK.

    I Installed the Threat Intelligence Exchange(TIE) Product.and McAfee Active Response (MAR) Product

    First I installed the .OVA the MAR and TIE on VmWare, are connect and running on ePO.

    After, I deployed the TIE and MAR agents.

    The environment for TIE and MAR are OK.

    The environment for the ePO and CheckPoint Integration looks like ok, but, I don't know how I can make a test the integration.

    I don't found any doc on Internet that describe how this Integration works or how I can test it.

    The only docs are this SK from Checkpoint and this Brief from McAfee that I had mencioned on opening.

    Has anyone configured this integration some time?

    Please, do you have any KB about this integration ?

    Thank you, best regards.

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