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    Are there any services or events involving the DXL broker that I can use to get data about connected clients or other fabric information? I can see some of that in the console UI, but it'd be ideal to be able to retrieve it programmatically.

    The Docker option on many of the OpenDXL solutions has been great for quickly deploying our DXL environment and orchestration scripts, but we've run into an issue with systems that have McAfee Endpoint Security (ENS) installed. While configuring the shared drives for our containers, we see this notification popup:

    Is there a way to use OpenDXL solutions via Docker on ENS-protected systems?

    Our team has been making use of the new OpenDXL Broker for development and testing of some in-house OpenDXL solutions, to great success. An upcoming project will require that we run in a cloud-based environment.

    Does the OpenDXL Broker support deployment to a platform like AWS or Azure?

    I have created a custom Python OpenDXL client using the bootstrapper (which I found here: OpenDXL Bootstrap Application.). The intention is to use this client to send requests to a service on the DXL fabric and get a response. To test it, I modified the built-in sample that comes with bootstrap-generated files.

    When I run my code using python -m P2InternalClient <config-directory> I don't have any problems and everything works perfectly fine. However, I want to use this as an installed library that can have a client that extends the P2InternalClient to use as a normal DXL client.

    I used the bootstrap distribution script to create a .whl and install it using PIP without any problem. However, when I try to use the modified sample code to import the installed module, I get this error:


    I have no idea what this is referring to with the _lock attribute.

    Client Code:

    If it helps, I've included a version of the client class that can cause the issue (see below)

    Sample Code:

    And once the library is installed, here is the sample code that causes the error.

    I'm pretty stumped on this, does anyone have any idea what the problem is?

    I have a quick question related to OpenDXL for on-prem ePO. Particularly, trying to run the OpenDXL ePO DXL Service...

    How do I generate the necessary certs to import into my ePO (Server Settings -> Topic Authorization page) in so that my client will be authenticated with my broker(s)?

    In the samples for the OpenDXL Python Client, and all of the solutions I've seen, the payload for any type of DXL message (event/request/response) has .encode() called on it before sending. And anyone that receives the message calls .decode() on it immediately. See below for an example of what I'm referring to:

    Why is it even necessary to encode and decode the payload if we know the data type ("string", for example)? Is there a reason to do this every time?