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    Tested our client with normal broker connection settings (MQTT) and had no issues. When deployed to an environment where we needed to use websockets and a proxy instead, we can't connect to the broker.

    We've narrowed it down to the proxy config settings (websockets connection to broker works in env that doesn't have/need proxy)... but its not obvious whats wrong.

    Here's an example of our config file:

    Is there something obvious we are missing or...?

    I want to use my own CA/certs for our Open Broker.

    Before I replace the files in /dxlbroker-volume/keystore, I want to make sure I understand how they're being used.

    Does anyone know what the following files are used for?

    • broker.crt + broker.key
    • ca-broker.crt + ca-broker.key
    • ca-client.crt + ca-client.key