Certificate-Based Topic Authorization in Multi-ePO?

  • I'm trying to make sure I understand how topic authorization works in a Multi-ePO environment.

    We are using certificate-based topic authorization, based on these instructions: OpenDXL Python SDK - Authorization Overview

    Assuming we correctly set up and configure the authorization for a topic, will those "rules" apply across the entire larger Multi-ePO DXL fabric? Or will it be limited just to the fabric/brokers managed by the specific ePO Server on which the configuration was created?

  • Certificate-based topic authorization configuration settings that have been set on one ePO Server in a Multi-ePO environment will be applied to the entire Multi-ePO fabric, as long as all ePO Extensions and DXL Brokers in the Multi-ePO environment are DXL 4.0 and above.

    It may take up to 24 hours by default for certificate-based topic authorization policy to propagate across the entire Multi-ePO fabric.