Docker unable to share drives on systems with ENS?

  • The Docker option on many of the OpenDXL solutions has been great for quickly deploying our DXL environment and orchestration scripts, but we've run into an issue with systems that have McAfee Endpoint Security (ENS) installed. While configuring the shared drives for our containers, we see this notification popup:

    Is there a way to use OpenDXL solutions via Docker on ENS-protected systems?

  • I had to add the IP range listed in the following link to my trusted IP's in the ENS firewall…indows-and-the-containers to get it working.

    Step by step process:

    1. Right click on McAfee Tray Icon and select "McAfee Endpoint Security"
    2. Click on "Firewall" to open Firewall options
    3. Click on "Show Advanced" near the top right to expand the options
    4. Scroll down to Defined Networks and click "Add"
    5. Add a Range from with Trusted set to Yes

    I also added Docker to the Trusted Executables section in the options but I'm unsure if that is required.