When to disconnect OpenDXL client?

  • Our environment has large number of connected DXL clients (~ 60,000) spread across five DXL brokers, and I want to be sure that we are preemptively handling any performance concerns. To that end, my team would like to know:

    Is it more efficient to leave an OpenDXL client connected to a broker for the entire runtime of a long-running application, or if it is better to only connect when we want to send a message, and then immediately disconnect?

  • A high volume of repeated connect/disconnects across a large number of clients will have more of a performance impact than simply leaving them connected. DXL clients should not connect and then disconnect every time they send a message.

    As a general practice, it is more efficient to leave a DXL client connected for the full duration of the application's runtime. While a DXL client is connected, it will periodically contact the broker to insure that it is still connected, with negligible impact on the performance of the brokers on the DXL fabric.