New API Specification Tab?

  • Looking at some of the solutions, I'm seeing a new tab on the solution's page called "API Specification" that shows some sort of list of the events/services related to the broker?

    Currently, it looks like it's only on the OpenDXL Broker and the VirusTotal DXL Service solutions.

    This seems like a great option to have - we've had a decent amount of difficulty planning out what solutions to use on our fabric without testing each one individually.

    Our team has a couple of questions, though:

    • Are there plans to create these API specifications for more solutions?
    • Can we expect to see some of the commercial solutions providing this information?
    • Are these specification documents also going to be provided in some kind of standardized format that we can consume?
  • Glad to hear you're enjoying the start of this new feature for OpenDXL. Having this kind of information available has been a popular request, and it's great to finally be able to provide it.

    We are planning to increase the available number of API specifications for solutions to include all McAfee-created solutions (including commercial solutions such as TIE and MAR. Partner solutions may eventually get API specifications as well, provided by the partner themselves.

    Each McAfee-created solution with an API specification will also have the specification available in YAML or JSON format - in fact these formatted documents are used to generate the more reader-friendly version you see in the API Specification tab.

    We should have many more specifications available soon!

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